Отзывы Moon Paradise Resort

Номера: 3
Услуги отеля: 1
Обслуживание: 2
Расположение: 5

Общая оценка: 3
Проживание и услуги: There is no room service they give in the 3 days nor they come.and clean the room or toilet nor they have WiFi in the rooms.
Автор: Ashish paleja
Написан: 2015-08-06
Номера: 2
Услуги отеля: 2
Обслуживание: 3
Расположение: 4

Общая оценка: 2.8
Проживание и услуги: THe place is located in a very beautiful place. The outside appearence of the room is very attractive but, unfortunately, when entering, it s not all a dream....we booked a hill paradise deluxe room (wood) but when entering.....it was full of ants everywhere, so we asked to move in another room (not in wood). In this new one no ants were present but it was quite bad...there was no door between the bedroom and the bathroom and for all our stay (3 nights) none cleaned the room.
Отзыв о системе бронирования: It was the first time I used this website and I was a little worried about, but now...I will surely use it again!
Автор: Guido Crivellari
Написан: 2011-09-04
Номера: 5
Услуги отеля: 4
Обслуживание: 4
Расположение: 5

Общая оценка: 4.6
Проживание и услуги: I stayed here 4 nights and had a Hillside Budget Fan bunglow.Its was a good bunglow.They gave me alot of complimentry things like two brushs,shampoo,toilet paper 4 rolls etc. I recption staf was very excellents and the ladies working there was very good and funny.They became my good friend>she offered me a glass of juice also while checking in. Its a Birth of FMP so the location is the best for FMP lovers like me. Also they mamnaged me lomprayah ticket to get to the URT airport with taxi 0f 100B. Also there a cyber cafe over they which can let you be connected with family. I will recommend this hotel. I booked this hotel on swasdee.com.I only website where you can book this bunglow. Also i would like to suggest you that please book 4-6 month in advance in this bunglow or any other bunglow otherwise it will be a problem there as all good ones are prebooked. I will surely come back. Amit [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]
Отзыв о системе бронирования: Its a good website with all update room availabilty and they have plenty of options to pay for booking and i will use this website again.
Автор: Amit chauhan
Написан: 2011-06-23

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