Отзывы Lucky Resort

Номера: 4
Услуги отеля: 4
Обслуживание: 4
Расположение: 4

Общая оценка: 4
Проживание и услуги: excellent service excepl:no room service?!?
Автор: Michael Moehn
Написан: 2014-01-10
Номера: 4
Услуги отеля: 4
Обслуживание: 3
Расположение: 4

Общая оценка: 3.8
Проживание и услуги: It was a very pleasant stay, relaxing and away from the 24/7 party vibe. If you don t want to pay a lot for taxi services to and from the party area, stay in haad rin. Otherwize, excellent view and a definate island vibe! I enjoyed it very much! [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]
Автор: michelle botha
Написан: 2011-01-06
Номера: 1
Услуги отеля: 1
Обслуживание: 3
Расположение: 2

Общая оценка: 1.7
Проживание и услуги: less than impressive. the bungalows looked like they hadnt been cleaned in weeks and they way they have been built allows a nice breeze to flow through but also allows every bug in and you can hear clearly what your next door neighbour is saying and doing . we booked a room with hot water needless to say there was none of that and the shower was above the toilet. it is quiet away from town!
Отзыв о системе бронирования: Bookind service was the only impressive bit of this all!
Автор: candice pugh
Написан: 2010-02-02
Номера: 4
Услуги отеля: 5
Обслуживание: 4
Расположение: 5

Общая оценка: 4.5
Проживание и услуги: Friendly service, makes you feel like at home. Fair prices for meals. Will go back and stay with them again!
Автор: Liao I Chun
Написан: 2010-01-04
Номера: 4
Услуги отеля: 4
Обслуживание: 1
Расположение: 1

Общая оценка: 2.5
Проживание и услуги: This is a very nice hotel if you are not looking to be in the very heart or even on the out skirts of the party zone in haad rin. I cannot express how much i dont want to dump on this hotel because the scenic view is amazing, it has a great pool, right on the sea (even if it is very rocky). The family that own and run the hotel are very nice but they need to work on their hotel skills as our room was not cleaned once in the 8 nights we stayed there. So apart from that and the fact its about a 40 min drive from haad rin, its a lovely place to stay. [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]
Автор: gary stanley
Написан: 2010-01-06

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