Отзывы SP. Place Hotel

Номера: 3
Услуги отеля: 4
Обслуживание: 4
Расположение: 5

Общая оценка: 4
Проживание и услуги: We were very glad and happy to stay at SP Place, we had ourselves first made a mistake about the kind of room we wanted to have, but as soon we asked for to be upgraded it was done, superp service. Location great just a short walk across the street, and then you are at the beach. We have been here several times, and this time was JUST GREAT, and next time we won t hesitate to stay here again. So hopefully wewill be back next year again.
Отзыв о системе бронирования: Excellent!
Автор: Svend Jørgen Davidsen
Написан: 2017-04-10
Номера: 5
Услуги отеля: 3
Обслуживание: 5
Расположение: 5

Общая оценка: 4.6
Проживание и услуги: Цена-качество соответствует данному отелю. Единстенный минус - громко работал кондиционер
Написан: 2016-03-03
Номера: 5
Услуги отеля: 5
Обслуживание: 5
Расположение: 5

Общая оценка: 5
Проживание и услуги: We had a very nice Stay at SP Place, definitely an underrated location on White Sands Beach! Clean and bright rooms, excellent service and a lovely family, always there with a helping hand and tips for excursions. [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]
Автор: Mai
Написан: 2016-01-04
Номера: 4
Услуги отеля: 5
Обслуживание: 5
Расположение: 5

Общая оценка: 4.7
Проживание и услуги: Location in the middle of town. Very Great Room in Great Price.
Отзыв о системе бронирования: Easy to Use and Great Service.
Автор: K. Panchanok
Написан: 2015-12-14

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