Отзывы Sand Inn Hotel

Номера: 1
Услуги отеля: 1
Обслуживание: 1
Расположение: 1

Общая оценка: 1
Проживание и услуги: Sand inn hotel hua hin.is the most terrible hotel we have ever stayed in,dirty worn no service,Much noise at the Night admist the prostitutes district internet does NOT work on the floors ,NOT new linens in the days we were there,foul no Electric leigth BUPL s in the Hall ways,no exterior fire eskape therefor i Regard as existing artisan and tranied firefigther in Danish military site as fire trap. That was totalt unreasonable bad,we Can NOT understand shawadee have This hotel on ther list program your sinserely June Jørgen Larsen. [R24 integr.ERR:escaping]
Автор: june Larsen
Написан: 2014-12-02
Проживание и услуги: This is the worst hotel I ever booked in Thailand the hotel condition will below standard , entrance , very steep stairs, no lift, no room number, furniture is junck, toilet is terrible , the floor concrete wit no carpet plus more and more, you beter have a look before booking, I booked for three nights and stayed for five minutes only, thanks for sawadee, they charged me for one night and refined me the rest . I suggest to sawadee to remove this hotel from there website as it s below sawadee standard. I don t recommend this hotel. Overall I don t recommend this hotel You get an exelant hotel with this price.
Отзыв о системе бронирования: Sawadee is my favorite site for my hotel reservation and tours information all around thailand.
Автор: Haroon Hassan
Написан: 2012-09-06
Номера: 1
Услуги отеля: 1
Обслуживание: 1
Расположение: 3

Общая оценка: 1.6
Проживание и услуги: Sand Inn is a dump! The attendant at the desk was rude and unwelcoming. There were mattresses lying in the hallways. The room was bare bones basic and the bar played music until 3 in the morning. We checked out first thing in the morning. Definitely a dump and unsuitable for families.
Отзыв о системе бронирования: Booking service was easy.
Автор: Amanda Clare Thornberg
Написан: 2011-01-05

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