Отзывы Ton-Aor Place

Номера: 2
Услуги отеля: 2
Обслуживание: 2
Расположение: 3

Общая оценка: 2.3
Проживание и услуги: In the pictures, this place looks pretty nice. Thats what lured me in. Although it has a nice room and furniture, the bathroom is bacterial infestation. I had a room on the 6th floor (top most) and I had problems with my shower not draining well and I standing in water. The bathroom is not cleaned well and started growing this nasty brownish-red stuff on the toilet. It was all over the toilet and it almost looked like I made a mess out of myself which I initially thought. I was thinking I don t remmeber making such a big mess. Then the day I was going to check out, after I wiped it up and saw more growing, I realized it was bacteria!!! I couln t believe so much was growing. They need to use anti-bacterial detergent to clean the bathroom. This place is not really for tourists. Its a mix place with a hotel and apartments. They do not speak much english either. Also had ants in my room from the food I brought in. Because other thais live there, ants area crawling in the hallways. They also did not clean my room once and I stayed 4 nights. THey only cleaned the last night. If they started cleaning bathrooms better. Also had issues with the hot water.
Отзыв о системе бронирования: good
Автор: scott chen
Написан: 2010-09-20

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